Friday, December 3, 2010

Liquid vs Bar

I'm getting the feeling that there may be a few (or more) people who don't like to use a bar of soap.  I think many people feel that somehow the bar will become full of germs and bacteria because you are using it over and over.  There is a post here about germs left on the bar.  There is some controversy about this, I tend to lean more towards the thinking that the high ph of cold-process soap should somewhat inhibit the growth of bacteria.  Also if the bar is allowed to drain and dry between uses there should be no water to help with the growth of any nasties.  This is just my personal opinion and not based on any sort of scientific research.  
I do make Liquid soap and I like it very much but I think I still prefer a nice bubbly bar of soap.  Since I realize that not everyone feels the same way I do I've put my Liquid handmade soap in our guest bathroom.  Let me know what you think!