Friday, August 6, 2010


OOhhh, I love that word!  So because I love it so much (I'm sure you do too) I have a great offer on my website right now.  Buy 4 soaps and get 1 FREE!  That means you can try any of the bars on our site for FREE.  Maybe you've been thinking about trying a Shampoo Bar but are not really sure, now is your chance!
We also have a special on our Sincerely Ethan soap.  When you buy 1 you get a 2nd throw in for FREE!  There's that word again.  We have reformulated our Sincerely Ethan recipe, so we have a limited amount of the originals left.  They are also a bit smaller than our regular bars, so your getting better value for you're money. 

Sincerely Ethan (original)


  1. Hey there! Where have you been all this time? So nice to find a soap blog I haven't seen yet. Thanks for finding me and I look fwd to your blog!

  2. Thanks for checking out my 'little' piece of the blogging world.