Monday, March 21, 2011

Where Did You Go?

Just a little update on why I disappeared.  Way back in December we went on our yearly family trip to Florida.  While there we 'unexpectedly' found out I was 'expecting' baby #4!  Now I am one of those women who experience 'morning sickness', unfortunately it lasts longer than the morning, all day in fact.  It also involves trips to the bathroom where I lose everything I have eaten.  This lasts (based on previous experience) for about 4-5 months with the nausea lasting from 6-9 mounts. 
Now that you have heard my sob story you may (or may not) understand why, since this blog is about my adventures in soap making, there have been no posts.  When you feel nauseous all the time you have no desire to be creative.  But I have broken down and forked over big bucks for a wonderful medication we have here in Canada.  It is specifically for pregnant women suffering from morning sickness/nausea, it is basically high doses of vitamin B6.  I feel so much better now (at 4 mths) that I feel bad I never took it with my other three.  I caught up on my soap blog reading and I'm getting the soaping itch, so hopefully I'll have something to blog about soon!


  1. Congratulations!!! Glad that helps you some with your nausea. :)

  2. Congrats! Just a word of advice though (and I could have been a totally odd case) but I took a lot of B vitamin while I was pregnant with my first because I had really bad pregnancy-induced acne. As a result, my midwife said that she had to 'break my sac' because it was so strong and it must have been due to the high doses of the b vitamin. Just a thought for you! :) Congrats again! Yay!