Thursday, March 14, 2013

Non-Petroleum Jelly

I have a (growing) list of things that I use regularly and would like to try making on my own.  Close to the top of the list is Non-Petroleum or Un-Petroleum Jelly, usually referred to as Vaseline.  There are a lot of different uses for this type of jelly, some are:
  • To smooth dry patches of skin
  • To provide a protective layer or barrier
  • Around your hairline when coloring your hair so the color doesn’t get on your skin.
  • As a lip gloss
  • Any way in which you might use a petroleum based jelly, like Vaseline. 
My main reason in wanting to make it was to use it as a barrier cream in #4's diaper.  This little one gets wicked diaper rash when she is teething and I needed something to help keep her dry and offer some healing as well.   We've been using it for a few months now and along with the Boo Boo salve I make, it seems to really be helping.  I have not noticed any issues with our cloth diapers, but I make sure to use a liner in her diaper when we apply this.  I have also used it on the backs of my hands, which get really rough in the winter.  I put a little on each night before bed and it helps keep the dry/cracked skin at bay.  A little definitely goes a long way though.  I tried it a couple of times as an eye make-up remover.  It felt a bit too thick and sticky, but I could have been using too much. 

If you do a Google search you will find many different recipes.  Here is the one I started with, I have made a few modifications though.  I replaced a small amount of the Castor oil with Neem oil.  If you have never heard of Neem oil before here is a great website with a ton of information.  I chose this oil because it is said to have antiseptic and healing properties.  The downside is it stinks!  I also added essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree, along with some Vitamin E.  The end result has a slight Neemy smell, but I don't notice it that much once applied.  I would love to show you a picture of the finished product, but my computer has decided to hide the picture from me and the little bit I have left is in the room with the sleeping baby.  So sorry but no pictures of our Stinky Jelly!

Have you tried making your own Non-petroleum jelly?

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