Friday, August 5, 2011

New Soap

My sleep deprived brain is not functioning at peek performance, but hopefully I can make this post make sense.  I decided to try making my soap using the Room Temperature Cold Process (RTCP) method.  I've come to understand there are two ways to do this method.  The way I did it was to measure out my hard oils/butters into my pot, coconut oil, shea butter, etc.  I then mix my lye and water together.  Once the lye was totally dissolved in the water I poured it into my pot.  The high heat of the lye solution is what melts your oils.  I squished up any chunks with my stick blender, then added the rest of my oils and additives.  I have to say this is wayyyy faster then melting your oils on the stove top and waiting for your lye to cool down.  I added Calendula petals to this batch, next time I think I'll add less.
I read that some soapers don't like this method because the soap comes out soft.  I did have to leave this one in the mold longer then usual, but I also tried a different recipe, which could be the culprit.  I have a problem with trying more than one new thing at a time!  I didn't use Palm oil, like I normally do, and I added Canola oil as well.  I used less than 30% Canola, but that can make a soft bar too.  All I know is this is one silky, lathery, yummy soap, it just doesn't last long!  I think I'll put the Palm oil back in and use less Canola next time and see what happens.  Happy soaping, everyone!

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