Thursday, July 5, 2012

Liquid Soap Using Glycerin - Fragrance Oils

Please go here to find out how I make liquid soap and here to find out how Essential Oils behave in liquid soap.

I wanted to test more fragrances but I ran out of containers (oops, needed them for strawberry jam).  Anyways these are the results of the ones I used.  They are all from New Directions and I added 1% fragrance to my diluted soap paste.

Ylang Ylang - a few minutes after adding it was thick, had some bubbles and what looked like tiny white beads in it.  Now it is a milky white colour with some separation, no scent morphing.

Margarita - stayed cloudy like in the picture, little bit thicker than the base soap.  The lime seems more pronounced as well.

Lilac & Lilies - at first it went cloudy and thickened up.  I stayed really thick but cleared up and only has some tiny bubbles in it.  Scent stayed the same.

Coffee Cake & Spice - this one started out cloudy then went a brown/peach colour.  It is now slightly darker and still a little cloudy, but it smells really yummy.

 Maple Sugar - I knew this one would eventually turn brown, which is okay since it goes with the name.  Initially it got thicker, but has now gone back the the original consistency.  This picture was taken soon after adding the fragrance.  The picture below shows the colour after a few days.  This scent also did not morph.

Ylang Ylang, Maple Sugar and Coffee Cake & Spice

Base soap and Maple Sugar
Base soap and Coffee Cake & Spice.


  1. Where can I find the maple sugar fragrance at you speak of in this post? I purchased a one similar from a NY company but was not happen with the fragrance it caused my soap to change colors and wasn't as sweet as I hoped.

    1. The Maple Sugar fragrance I used is from New Directions Aromatics, I order from the Canadian website, but they have an American site as well. Most fragrances like the Maple Sugar and Coffee Cake & Spice will make your soap change colour. It is because of the Vanilla content in the fragrance, it will make your soap turn a shade of brown.